lunes, 22 de enero de 2007

A prayer

You rebuild the eyes of a man once, Could you rebuild mine?
So that I could see hope through this hopelessness.
So that I could stay, focus on the promises.
When fate is the substance of the things we don’t see, I want to be able to grasp that substance.
I need new eyes, because these of mine are dried out powerless.
I might sound discouraged but I am in need, this used to be more easy before, when my years were young, just a few, is getting remote and distant as time goes by, I wish I could change that.
I do not want to disappoint you or offend you; I have to recognize this before I can reach a higher conscience.

1 comentario:

Aram Salinas dijo...

You already become aware of who you are, of who is he and of what you need to do…
I Like too much what you say, is so familiar with all to those who it worries to please him…

Thanks to share these lines.